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Kelly’s book, The ESOP Coach: Using ESOPs in Ownership Succession Planning, available on Amazon, is one of the few ESOP books written for business owners rather than professional advisors. The 200+ pages comprise a handbook for business owners that explains this complex subject in clear, direct, and understandable terms. Everything the reader needs to master the ESOP technique is there, but with the usual technical jargon and arcane legal references stripped away.

This article, “Consider ESOPs as an Estate Plan Component for Business Owners,” published in the September, 2014 issue of Estate Planning, is a primer on the legal and tax considerations involved in ESOP transactions. Co-authored by Kelly Finnell and Andrew Holmes, this article’s 65 footnotes provide citations to the key Internal Revenue Code sections and Treasury Regulations that should be considered in ESOP Planning.

One of the most-frequently overlooked opportunities inherent in ESOP transactions involves estate, gift, and charitable planning. In this article, “Consider ESOPs in Legacy Planning,” published in the August, 2017 issue of Estate Planning, Kelly Finnell and Andrew Holmes expound upon these opportunities and explain how they can make ownership succession planning with an ESOP a more comprehensive process for business owners.

This article, “Ownership Transitions: ESOPs Compared to Other Strategies,” published in the July, 2018 issue of Estate Planning, describes the four liquidity strategies that are generally available to business owners: Sell to an insider, Sell to an outsider, “Die with one’s boots on,” and sell to an ESOP. Each of these strategies has its advantages and disadvantages; often none of them is a perfect solution. This article examines the pros and cons of each strategy.

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