Candidate Profile

Candidate Profile

ESOP Candidate Profile Checklist

Is an ESOP for you? If most of the following describes your company, the answer may be “yes”.

Yes No
Company has unused debt capacity (not heavily leveraged).
Company is profitable and can easily cash flow additional ESOP acquisition debt.
Company and/or its owners pay taxes at or near the top marginal bracket.
Company has been doing business successfully for at least five years.
Company has payroll of at least $1,000,000, excluding seller.
Company producing sales of at least $10,000,000 annually.
Company doing business in solid industry.
Company with strong secondary management capable of taking over and desiring to do so.
Company or majority shareholders desirous of buying out minority shareholders on tax-deductible basis.
Management interested in making acquisitions or purchasing capital goods on tax-deductible basis.
Company wanting to refinance existing debt, resulting in the tax-deductibility of both principal and interest on the new debt.

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