Jared Kaplan

“Kelly Finnell has filled a vacuum in ESOP literature – he has come up with a handbook for business owners that explains the complex subject in clear, direct and understandable terms. Everything the reader needs to master the ESOP technique is there, but with the usual technical jargon and arcane legal references stripped away. Anyone thinking about liquidity options for their business should read this book before making any final decisions.”

-Jared Kaplan, Esq. | McDermott Will & Emery, Senior Counsel | Co-author, BNA Tax Portfolio on ESOPs

Corey Rosen

“Kelly Finnell’s long experience in the ESOP world makes him very well qualified to explain how this too-often overlooked approach to business transition works. ESOPs were designed by Congress to provide unique tax advantages to owners, companies, and employees, advantages no other approach can replicate. Just as important, ESOPs provide a way for business owners to exit gradually or quickly, pass on ownership to the people who helped build the business, and maintain the independence of the company they have worked so hard to build. ESOPs are not right for everyone, but Kelly Finnell’s important book can help you determine if they are right for you.”

-Corey Rosen, Ph.D. | Executive Director | National Center for Employee Ownership

Dominic Pileggi

“An ESOP is one of the greatest instruments of US capitalism. I’ve seen ESOPs used successfully by a number of companies in our industry. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning how an ESOP could help with their company’s ownership succession planning.”

-Dominic Pileggi | Chairman & CEO, Thomas & Betts

Don Hutson

“I have great admiration for anyone who can master an area of subject matter, distill it into understandable form, and present it to the public in a fine book. Kelly Finnell has done just that! This book on ESOPs will tell you everything you need to know to rationally consider the option, and, if you choose, execute the plan. Kelly’s treatise is the best on this topic – If you are a business owner, this is a must-read book!”

-Don Hutson | Speaker and co-author, The NY Times and The Wall Street Journal #1 Best-Seller, The One Minute Entrepreneur

Wade McKnight

“Kelly has taken a topic which is a mystery to most of us- – use of an ESOP to effect an ownership change- – and explains it in an understandable and “plain English” manner. The book’s examples are instructive and understandable and will help readers quickly decide if this is a strategy which is right for them.”

-Wade McKnight, CPA | Retired Partner, Deloitte

Michael Osborn

“Take it from the author of Public Speaking, if you’re looking for an informative and understandable speaker on ESOPs, Kelly Finnell is your man.”

-Michael Osborn, Ph.D. | Professor of Communication | Co-author, Public Speaking

Fred Jonske

“The ESOP Coach provides valuable insight on the complex issues of business succession, presenting the information in an easy to understand manner. Kelly has excellent perspective on the challenges and opportunities, which makes The ESOP Coach essential reading for business owners (and their advisors) focused on the ongoing success of the businesses they have built and preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that remains the backbone of our country.”

-Fred Jonske, FSA, MAAA | CEO, M Financial Group

Pete Prodoehl

“This book has a wealth of information to help business owners make intelligent decisions about whether they should use an ESOP as part of their ownership succession planning. It has all of the technical information you need as well as user-friendly explanations and illustrative case studies. There is certainly something here for everyone.”

-Pete Prodoehl | Vice President, Principal Financial Group

Nicholas K. Niemann

“Kelly and I have had the opportunity to work together with a number of business owners over the years to help design the right transition or exit plan for each situation. The ESOP is one of the key alternatives we discuss, since it brings so many business and tax advantages to the table. What distinguishes Kelly from other ESOP advisors is his ability to explain the ESOP strategy in a way that is simple to understand and which is on point with the needs of the business owner. Through this book, Kelly is sharing the insights he and his team have gained through the many years which they have specialized in this field. Kelly and I share a common objective in our transition and exit planning practices, which is to help business owners beat the odds by achieving the legacy they wish to achieve. I am glad to see Kelly share these important ESOP strategies with both business owners and with other exit planning advisors.”

-Nicholas K. Niemann, Esq. | McGrath North Law Firm | Author, Exit On Your Terms

Ed Horrell

“Kelly Finnell has delivered his promise; he has taken a complicated issue and broken it down into understandable pieces. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I find the options that Kelly provides make for both informative and enjoyable reading. This is must reading for the small to mid-sized business owner.”

-Ed Horrell | Author, The Kindness Revolution

John H. Brown

“I’ve often thought that the main reason an ESOP is not more frequently used in Exit Planning for owners is its apparent complexity in design and implementation. As Winston Churchill once said in a different context, “The length of this document defends it well against the risk of its being read.” And so it can be with the mass of ESOP explanations, rules and regulations. Kelly succeeds in his avowed purpose of providing a straightforward and understandable explanation of this important planning tool. His book is well worth reading for every owner considering a business exit.”

-John H. Brown | President | Business Enterprise Institute | Author, How To Run Your Business So You Can Leave It In Style and Co-author of Cash Out Move On

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